In February, Fuao Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Valeo Siemens Automotive Electronics Germany Co., Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding to cooperate in the core components of new energy vehicle powertrains. 

In March, SAIC Infineon Automotive Power Semiconductor (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., a joint venture between SAIC and Infineon with a 51:49 ratio, officially opened. In April, Hainachuan signed a joint venture cooperation agreement with Hella and Magna. 

Geely and Guangzhou Automobile signed an agreement with Japan Aisin to produce 6AT. Dongfeng Parts and Fuao Co., Ltd. signed a contract to jointly establish Dongfeng Fuao Pump Co., Ltd. On June 21, ThyssenKrupp and Zhejiang Jingu Co., Ltd. and other Chinese partners signed a joint venture agreement to jointly produce lightweight thermoformed wheels... This is not the case in the parts field in the first half of this year. They are only Some typical representatives, but it is conceivable that the market is surging with various variables.

If we want to classify these joint venture cases, we can include: Sino-foreign joint ventures, whole (or parts companies with complete vehicle backgrounds) zero joint ventures and integration of large state-owned enterprises that the industry is eagerly awaiting. 

Joint ventures as market behaviors are beyond reproach, but from the perspective of the independent development of China's parts and components industry, some joint ventures have filled us with expectations, some joint ventures have high hopes, and some even worry us., China's auto parts industry will improve its independent innovation ability, master the key core technologies, and the theme of transformation and upgrading will be eternal.

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