Under the agreement, IIT-Delhi is working on a new project aimed at using electronic control units (ECUs) to control the development of child safety geofencing for child safety.

MG India Motors is about to launch a new model in India that will help car owners track and listen to children in the back seat while driving, involving access to the garage and seat position monitoring. If the vehicle deviates from the established route, the user will receive a reminder.

Rajeev Chaba, President and General Manager of MG India Motors, said: “The project has been conceptualised to quickly achieve better safety mechanisms for children. IIT Delhi engineers will also carry out other research and development activities to explore other vehicle functions. Improve the safety of children."
He further pointed out that the company has always been committed to providing a platform for innovative institutions, students and start-ups to help them develop the various technologies and functions of new Indian models. MG India Motors plans to launch its first model in India in the second half of 2019.

Indian students and start-ups have also proposed several recommendations to encourage innovation, including the “Mingle Innovation Project” that was partnered with TiE Delhi last year.

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