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Huzhou Jingtong Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Huzhou Jingtong Auto Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 and located in Huzhou City,the center of the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, the location is superior and the transportation is very convenient. We specialize in the production of automotive engine timing chain system products: chain, sprocket, tensioner and guide. Using advanced manufacturing technology and quality alloy steel materials with high-carbon and chromium, in accordance with GB/T14212-2003JB/T10348-200 standards and strict quality management system, our products quality is high and stable. Quality is our foothold in this market, service win the trust of our clients. We aim beyond perfection, to mutually create value. Our products cover most of cars in both domestic and overseas markets, and we are in a front-end position in the same industry on developing new products. Continuously focus on improving the Inventory Control and Supply Chain Management operations.     


WORKSHOP for timing chain

we have 20sets punching machines to make chain sheet and 28sets machines to assemble chains

can produce 70.000-80.000pcs chains per month


we have precise machines to ensure good quality



WORKSHOP for sprockets



WORKSHOP for guide rail


WORKSHOP for tensioner







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